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Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Snatch a glimpse at these recent projects we’ve done! We’re proud to share our work and showcase why our customers are so happy with the results!

Gate Installation in San Diego

We love the final look of this automated gate installation we did for this property in San Diego, CA! The elegant design provides a majestic aesthetic while providing the property with superior security and convenience benefits! Who doesn’t get tired of manually opening and closing their gate every ...

Front Railing Installation in Clairemont

Take a look at this front railing installation we did for this home in Claremont, CA! Besides enhancing the curb appeal of the house, railings provide a sturdy hold and barrier, especially around raised porches. It provides a sense of security and gives a strong brace to hold, especially ...

Commericial Fence and CCTV Systems Installation in Kearny Mesa

Check out this commercial fence and CCTV system installation we did in Kearny Mesa, CA! We provided the property with a full-perimeter security fence installation with automated gates in the entrance. To enhance the security, we installed a full-functioning CCTV system that provides views of the entire property. This ...

Railing Installation in Mira Mar

We recently completed a railing installation in Mira Mar, helping make this narrow stairway easier to navigate. Whether you own a home or business, it's crucial to have railing along your stairways. It provides stability while walking up the stairs and is especially important for the elderly, young ...

Fences Installation in La Mesa

If you're a small business owner, keeping your business safe is a top priority. This includes more than the physical property, but the safety of your customers and employees as well. This fence installation in La Mesa will help protect this company's building, employees, and assets. Commercial fences ...

Intercom Installation in North Park

Intercoms will allow your business, apartment complex, or home to add an extra layer of security. We recently completed an intercom installation in North Park, enabling the owners to quickly screen and verify visitors, all at the click of a button. They are much more likely to deter break-ins ...

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