Everything You Need to Know About Electric Gate Systems

Are you considering installing an electric gate system to your home but are having trouble deciding which gate is best for your needs or if it is even worth it in the first place? Our latest blog post shares everything you need to know about electric gate systems, including how they work, the two most common electric gate styles, the types of materials they come in, the costs, and the maintenance of electric gates.

How Electric Gates Work?

Automatic gates utilize electric motors to open and close. Depending on the type of gate installed, that gate can either open inwards/outwards, slide open, or roll-up. Electric gates are conveniently operated at a push of a button via remote, keypad, or even through your phone.

2 of the Main Types of Gates Available

Electric gates come in various options, including sliding, swinging, vertical, bi-fold, and around the corners. The two most common gate types are sliding and swinging gates.

Sliding gates are commonly used in homes that have short drives or drives situated on a slope. A sliding gate moves along a fixed track on wheels and includes many moving parts. Unfortunately, its moving parts and track system can be loud and require more upkeep than its alternatives.

As the name swinging gates, swing open and closed. Swinging gates are the most popular due to their affordability. Swinging gates utilize mechanical arms and rods to open and close. Unfortunately, unlike its alternatives, it requires more space and may not be ideal for homes with narrow access points. Swinging gates can come in either as a single or as a double swinging gate.

Types of Materials Electric Gates Come In

Electric gates come in a variety of materials. They can come in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. Wooden electric gates are the most personable and customizable option available. It is important to note that although they may provide you’re home with a timeless curb appeal, they require the most upkeep- they are susceptible to warping, fading, and splintering. If you want the look of a wooden gate without the maintenance of a wooden gate, vinyl gates maybe your best option. Vinyl gates come in various styles, including ones that mimic the look of wood. In shopping for vinyl gates, it is essential to do your research as not all vinyl gates are created equally. Some may not be constructed to withstand the elements as well as others. Like vinyl gates, aluminum electric gates require minimal maintenance. If you want to go for a steel or wrought iron aesthetic at an affordable price, aluminum electric gates are a great way to go. But keep in mind that they are incredibly lightweight and tenuous, unlike steel and wrought iron gates. Steel gates and wrought iron gates are the most durable and have the strongest construction compared to other materials previously mentioned. However, that being said, it’s also the most expensive.

Cost of Electric Gates

The cost of an automatic gate depends on:

  • The type of gate you choose
  • The material and quality of the gate
  • The size of the gate or gates

Maintenance of Electric Gates

There are three main steps to ensure the longevity of your electric gate. These steps include routine inspections, cleanings, and proper lubrication. It’s essential to inspect your electric gate to ensure smooth and efficient operation. Many issues with electric gates begin as minor issues that can be easily remedied but unfortunately become a much bigger problem due to negligence. Routine cleanings include a sweep and a good wash down with a bit of water and soap. Regular cleanings will allow your gate to run without obstruction and continue to add to your curb appeal. Lastly, proper lubrication is vital. Improper lubrication will cause premature failure of all the crucial parts of the gate due to friction and cause your gate to run inefficiently.


There you have it, everything you need to know about electric gate systems. If you are still unsure which gate is right for you, reach out to one of our experts today! We would be more than happy to help you find the right gate to fit your wants and needs. Call us at (866) 924-5102 or visit our website.

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