All About the Benefits of a New Fence

3 Surprising Benefits a Fence Can Provide

Even if you have a solid relationship with your next-door neighbors, you may have recently considered installing a privacy fence around your home. You enjoy seeing and talking to your neighbors, and you don’t want to imply that you would rather see less of them, but lately, you have considered the change. Many people in many communities have opted for fences for more than just privacy. Adding a fence to your property provides benefits you can enjoy for years to come. You might not know these 3 surprising benefits a new fence can provide.

1. Increase in Home Value

A fence adds value to your home that will come in handy if you plan to sell in the near future. A fence can help close a deal faster because homeowners with pets and young children might be more interested in your home over a similar property with less security. The material that your fence is made from plays a significant role in your home’s resale value. While a chain-link fence might be more affordable for you to install, it brings less value than other types of fencing. Concrete and solid wood fences are the best investment and will garner a return on what you paid for materials and labor.

2. Reduces Street Noise 

If you live next to a busy street, highway, or freeway, chances are you hear a lot of noise from the ongoing traffic. You probably constantly hear cars and trucks zoom by, resulting in an interruption to a relaxing moment, conversation, or the sound of something else. When installing a solid privacy fence, you will notice a difference in the reduced street noise because it absorbs sounds. A good fence can lower the ambient sound around your home by as much as 6 to 10 decibels. When you are looking for something to reduce all that traffic noise, be mindful of the material and construction of your fence. A high privacy fence with no gaps between its wooden planks will block noise, but a chain-link fence with many holes will not block noise at all.

3. Defines Property Boundaries

At first glance, your yard probably blends seamlessly with your neighbor’s yard, creating a wide-open space for your children to play in. Seeing it in a new light might make you wonder where your land ends and your neighbor’s land begins. If you plan to sell your home, you want to know how many square feet of property you own, mainly because the more land you have, the higher the resale value. Adding a new fence can help define your property lines so that you can calculate your total square footage. If you are unsure of the boundaries, you can call an expert to survey the land and tell you exactly where to place your fence to ensure it does not extend onto your neighbor’s property. We wouldn’t want a dispute to arise from the displacement of your barrier.

Your New Fence

Typically. a privacy fence keeps you from nosy or overly friendly neighbors, but there is more for it to offer you and your family. Installing a new fence gets you all of the above benefits and increased security, safe containment for your children and pets, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. If you are ready to see what a privacy fence can do for you, call Access Security Gates at (866) 924-5102 to get started or fill out our form for a free quote!

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