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Regular Maintenance Session

Regular Maintenance Session

An automated gate offers a stylish and functional entrance to your property, but like most mechanical things, they require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them working well and last longer. This can be achieved with a regular maintenance session on your gate system. Maintenance helps keep your fence clean, lubricated, and pest-free! They also allow for issues to be detected early and fixed before they cause a big problem later on.

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We know fences can be a big investment, which is why we want to ensure their longevity by performing regular maintenance sessions. Our experienced gate technicians know how to repair, maintain, and detect issues early on so that they can be fixed immediately. A few maintenance tasks we perform on security fences to ensure that they work properly and don’t break down includes:

  • Cleaning the gate – this prevents the build-up of rust and enables it to last longer
  • Caring for electrical components – We check to see if any insects or natural elements are damaging the circuit board, and resolve the issue if so
  • Lubrication – Depending on your gate, lubrication may be needed to keep the parts functional
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